Hot Lunch

West Side Christian School is partnering with Grand Rapids Christian Schools to provide hot lunch meals EVERYDAY when school is in session (full days only). 

K-8 Students

To order hot lunch, each student will require their own account on Accounts should be set up under Grand Rapids Christian Schools, our hot lunch provider. This year's price for hot lunch is $3.00/meal. Milk is included in this cost, but if you would like to order ONLY milk, this is $0.50/day. 

Young 5s and Little Sprouts Children

Little Sprouts and Young 5s children will also be able to receive hot lunch on full school days. Parents will be able to order for their child(ren) via a Google Form and it will be delivered to the classroom with their name on the lunch bag. Unlike K-8 students, there is no need for your child to raise their hand for a hot lunch. The Google Form will be accessible Thursday, Friday, and Monday mornings until 8am for the upcoming week. Failure to do so will result in no lunch order for your child that week.

Young 5s & Little Sprouts Order Form