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Middle School


Middle schoolers have the opportunity to join their elementary friends for all-school worship, but also participate in their own middle-school chapels.

Middle school chapels feature:

  • Worship, Scripture, and speakers tailored to the challenges and experiences unique to middle school
  • Student-led multi-grade small groups who support and pray for each other
  • New to WSCS this year is a middle-school praise band, which provides musical leadership for some of these chapels


Building a community of learners who are also brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the goals of the middle school experience. Middle school provides a unique opportunity for students to be part of their own community, yet remain part of the larger WSCS community, as they learn about and put into practice care and respect for others.

  • The fall middle school retreat at the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds builds community through service opportunities, team-building activities, worship, and just having fun together. 8th graders are challenged and coached to provide leadership to their middle school classmates.
  • Student council representatives plan fun theme days for middle school students, as well as organize service projects.
  • Multi-grade exploratory classes and intramural teams bring together various small groups and teams of middle school students.
  • Overnight class trips in 6th and 8th grade.
  • Middle school skating parties, gym nights, and other recreational opportunities for students to enjoy having fun together.
  • Middle school classrooms adopt classroom buddies from the elementary classrooms. The elementary students love having the attention and friendship of the big kids, and the middle schoolers enjoy the opportunity to encourage and enjoy friendship with younger students.


Middle school students experience the wonder of God’s creation in West Side Christian School’s outdoor learning spaces and have focused on stewardship of God’s natural resources through our school’s partnership with Blandford Nature Center. During exploratory classes, middle school groups have worked with Blandford to prepare the West Side Christian School garden for planting, cleared invasive species out of the nature preserve, and built several learning elements of the Playscape Nature Preschool outdoor classroom. Additionally, middle schoolers experience several nature-immersion learning opportunities in each grade level: 6th grade camp, 7th grade science excursion on Muskegon Lake, and 8th grade Mackinac Island trip.


Middle school is designed, among other things, to prepare students to advance to and succeed in high school. The curriculum, like our elementary curriculum, is rooted in the study of God’s word and students are challenged to consider questions, issues, and lessons through the lens of Scripture. For example, Science is taught through the lens of Romans 1:20, where we learn how nature makes God's invisible qualities visible and through which we can learn about different qualities of God: He is creative, orderly, just, true to His word. In Language Arts, students learn critical thinking skills as they dive into writing, literature, and language as a gift from God and as an avenue for exploring who God is and who we are called to be in a broken culture that needs His ultimate restoration and redemption.

  • Students develop organizational systems and study skills and habits that lead to success during and beyond middle school, and high school teachers have repeatedly observed that West Side Christian School students stand out in these areas.
  • Teachers provide a supportive structure and environment, but encourage students to take personal responsibility for their work.
  • In class as well as in extracurricular activities, students are challenged to develop, deepen, and demonstrate their faith in Jesus Christ.

Extracurricular Opportunities

A variety of additional and extracurricular learning opportunities are also available to our middle school students:

  • Exploratory classes allow students to select courses of interest to them. 
  • Orchestra and band continue through 8th grade, with additional opportunities for individual and small group competitions, as well as large-group festivals, clinics, and concerts.
  • The Science Olympiad team meets on Thursday nights through the winter in preparation for competition in the spring.
  • Several team sports are available for both boys and girls. See the athletics page for a full listing of available athletic opportunities.
  • Popular lunchtime intramural games, with rotating activities and teams throughout the year.
  • Middle schoolers are invited to participate in the micro-business Christmas Marketplace to benefit our sister school in Guatemala. Students can take a $25 loan, invest it into their ‘business,’ and sell their business’ goods at the Christmas Marketplace, and donate their proceeds to Kyros Christian School.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in student council elections for the middle school student government, which directs a number of service and social opportunities.
  • 6th grade camp, a 3-day overnight adventure camping experience at Grace Youth Camp, 7th grade trip to Michigan Adventure, & 8th grade trip to Mackinaw Island.

Middle School Happenings

Chilly Outdoor Exploratory
Student Council

Our Mission

To provide a quality Christ-centered education that teaches children of the West Side Christian community about every aspect of God's creation from a Reformed Christian perspective in a distinctly Christian environment, preparing them spiritually and academically to live as Christ's servants.


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